Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Hey y'all! Well we've made it to day four of our new fast food free life and the thought of outsourcing our meals hadn't occurred to me until this morning. I woke up with the crud and haven't been this blah in a long time (makes me thankful for being able to stay home though)! It's days like this that fast food is just easier and more convenient than whipping up 3 meals and snacks for our family. But along with the convenience comes wasted money and unhealthy eating which we are I am determined to change in our house. My family is quickly and happily slowly and involuntarily going along with this crazy notion of mine but I know it won't be long will take awhile for them to be on board 100% and be as excited as I am about this change.

Just yesterday hubby decided to buy his lunch and called me and said I set him up to fail by making sure he had money for lunch and sending him into the fast food obsessed world of a truck driver. He went into the truck stop/diner and was faced with all sorts of yummy, albeit fried, food but he said it took all his will power to get a salad from the deli container for lunch! I quietly cheered and am so happy he is on board with this (even if it is reluctantly)! He loves his fried gizzards (um, yuck) and could have easily gotten them. We hadn't even discussed the diner/truck stop being fast food but he decided it counts as fast food!

So since hubby made a healthier choice yesterday I know I can make 3 meals (one down, two to go) and snacks for this family all while feeling blah and knowing there are fast food joints just waiting for me to come running our moolah and waistlines. So who's up for some shells and cheese and hot dogs? Hey no one said I had to cook gourmet meals everyday! :)

What's the hardest part of the challenge for you so far? If your just joining us it's not too late to start the challenge!!! (Just go here to find out about it and get on board!)


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