Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Jelly Beans

Easter is over but not my love for Jelly Beans! They seriously could be one of the best candies EVER!!! The chewy goodness of them makes me smile every time I eat them. They can always satisfy a sweet tooth and the flavors are endless. 

Like everyone, I have a favorite color and a least favorite color! I love the black jellybeans! This Easter I found a bag full of just black ones!!! It was heavenly!!! I shared ate the bag of black jellybeans and had to get more! Buttered popcorn flavored jelly beans are safe around me, though! I could live the rest of my life without eating another one. Although FFF Hubby loves them...so they aren't safe in our house.

My lovely Avon Lady gave me a catalog and I found Jelly Bean bubble bath for the girls! Let me tell you, this stuff is awesome!!! It seriously makes our whole house smell like a bag of jelly beans! The only that would make it better is if it turned bath water into a tub full of jelly beans!! Every time the girls take a bath now it reminds me how much I love jelly beans. If we lived closer to town I have a feeling I would be going on a lot more jelly bean runs because now that Easter is over I forget to buy them. 

What is your favorite candy?


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