Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Break

It's Spring Break and schools out for Moose this week and we have a fun week ahead. Although I wish the weather would cooperate a little! Rain all week until Saturday and then nice when the kiddos go back to school. We will be staycationing this year. Staycationing is fun though, and we will be hitting up the zoo, OMSI, the circus and a pool. We enjoyed the sunshine today and walked around our downtown enjoying the little shops and some delicious ice cream. We will be packing lunches as we go out on our excursions this week and avoiding fast food. So each evening FFF Mom (AKA me) will need to go over the next days activities and start packing for the next day. You need a lot more when you are feeding 5 as opposed to one or two, and Moose now has a hollow leg and can eat all day. I wonder how he stays so skinny? We will be purchasing our beverages when we are out and about though, well except water which will be packed with us. There will also be crock-pot dinners  mostly this week as well...since FFF Mom won't have a lot of time to cook. What kinds of things will you be doing over spring break, and what are your eating plans?


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