Friday, December 9, 2011

Confession Time

Hey y'all! I miss each and every one of you! A lot has been happening but I am here to tell you please be patient! I will be back to posting daily soon! We have moved, it was a last minute decision and one that is the best for our family! I will put pictures up soon, but we are back out in the country! We are country people at heart! I must confess I have given in to temptation during this move. McDonald's chicken sandwich's and Starbucks Carmel Brulee Latte's, and we had Panda Express once as well...I'm getting back to our Fast Food Free life now that we are getting settled. It tastes so much better and now that we are out in the country I'm cooking more things from scratch...super yummy! I promise recipes will follow shortly. I hate waiting for Internet to be hooked up and since we are in the country we couldn't just transfer our service because the company we were using doesn't have service out here. But I want to reassure you I will be back soon! How have you been doing with your fast food free life? We enjoy family dinners together each night and the girls love to help me cook and have matching aprons! I love baking this time of year and we always have tons of goodies around...I promise, again, pictures and LOTS of recipes to follow as soon as we get our Internet back out in the boondocks! Remember I will be having my first giveaway soon, so stay tuned! I hope y'all are having a wonderful holiday season!
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