Friday, October 7, 2011

Hubby's Dinner

So as y'all know I've been sick, and I'm rarely ever sick, and this is making it hard for me to keep us from getting fast food. There have been so many times this week when I would have rather grabbed a $5 pizza or some other type of fast food for the kiddos and hubby. Well tonight hubby took over and here is his Facebook status

"Becky and the girls were sick today. soooo... I cooked dinner from scratch today. I think I need a new can opener though, I almost didn't get the chile open."
He is so proud of himself! He made home made french fries, cooked some hot dogs and opened cans of chili. And then made chili cheese fries and hot dogs....I have been kicked out of the kitchen because I am a control freak and kept telling him how to do I am anxiously awaiting this yummy dinner and the kids are always happy when dad cooks because he doesn't cook veggies, although he says the fries count this time!

Hubby did the dishes today too and told me if I re-organized the dishwasher he'd never do them again, because usually when he does them I reorganize them "my way." I am trying to not be such a control freak and I think being sick is making it easier to accomplish that task! Thanks to my hubby for making my lazy sick day easier! Sounds like dinner's finished and hubby decided it'd be dinner and a movie night.


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