Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hospital Week

We have moved FFFF to the children's hospital this week as Sassy Sis needed to "have them cut me open and fix my guts" as she said. It has been a rough week but we get to go home today! I apologize for not posting until now, but we have been busy having fun with taking care of Sassy Sis! This place is seriously amazing! After surgery we were taken up to Sassy's room and the first day we just let her sleep all the meds off and I decorated her room all up. She was ready to be up and moving by day 2! Once she could get out of bed we went to the playroom and played house and did some artsy stuff! We came back to the room and they wheeled in a video game system (daddy was happy) and brought in a Dora game (sorry daddy-it's for Sassy)! I was happy because it's hard to keep a 4 year old down for long! The music therapy came in and sang and played instruments with Sassy and then we went down to Family Movie Night over in Hollywood at the Starlight Lounge (which doesn't sound like a place a 4 year old should be)!
We had a rough night followed by a better day and Sassy went and played Bingo and won twice! Seriously they had some amazing prizes! Sassy picked out a make-up purse with make-up because mommy left hers at home (she was seriously shocked I didn't bring it!) and then she picked out a Polly Doll thing with a panda and puppy! We took her for a wagon ride down to the Children's Garden and then went to game night. She played Mario Cart and Bowling on the WII with other lil' patients! After being so busy we had a great night and slept ALL night! Hopefully we get to go home today! With everything here to keep her busy her mind was kept off of her tummy and she wasn't to concerned with her "smiley face" (her scar looks like a smile)! The nurses have been amazing and we are just so happy with everything...they even make sure mom and dad are OK :)

But we know this blog is about living fast food free so how did we do this while staying at the hospital for a week? Well I brought some foods with me to eat...popcorn and noodles and such....but they have the most awesome 24 hour cafe here!!! A wide selection of food and many healthy options...everything is made right as you order it and even the cheeseburgers (or two) we had were healthy!!! The cafe is like eating homemade food! Did I say how amazing the selection was!? And the taste was sooo yummy!!! I was worried about having to eat hospital food...but I have eaten better here than at home thanks to hubby making sure I eat 3 times a home I might eat twice but once is usually the norm. But now I will have to go back and cook and plan has been nice not having to worry about food much this week... Even Sassy Sis has had great food brought to her but hasn't hardly eaten anything. She wanted Raisin Bran this morning and ate that as well as mandarin oranges. Now we must go to the playroom because Sassy Sis wants to cook for mama!

How 'd you do this week without fast food?


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