Sunday, October 2, 2011

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

Hey y'all!!! So yesterday I made my own Pumpkin Spice Latte and my sister~in~law wanted an Egg Nog Frappuccino. Both turned out super yummy! Although the first round of pumpkin spice lattes weren't very must've been the blond showing through! I added more pumpkin (I love pumpkin) but not more sugar or vanilla...oops! It still was yummy, but I learned and the second time and increased all three equally! This will totally keep me from going to that one coffee place I've been addicted to! You can go HERE to get the recipes I used and make them yourself!

Doesn't that pumpkin spice latte look fabulous!!!! And in my new coffee mug my big sister gave me for my birthday! If you don't personally know me you should know that mug totally fits me and the way I feel about everything!!! I like to be the one runnin' things (shhh...don't let my hubby know)!!! Although there is one downfall to me making these now, I had 3 yesterday and am on number 2 today!!! Must exercise more!!! So it's your turn to go try out those recipes and let me know how much you love them!!!


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