Friday, October 7, 2011

Things I've learned this week (linky edition)

Each Saturday I will post a list of things I've learned during the week!  I'll start my list on Sundays and add to it throughout the week. Each Friday night or Saturday morning I will do a linky post so you can link up with me and make your own list so we can spread the blog love :) Here are the thing's I've learned this week:
  • Sassy Sis now calls my brother her "Aunt Lisa's Husband" because he works with piles of dirt!
  • It is completely normal for Lil' Miss to drink her milk from her cereal and then dump her cereal on the floor, after saying no to just a cup of milk and her banana!
  • Hubby picks salad over fried gizzards these days
  • If I don't cook extra the kids will inevitably want seconds, but when I cook extra they won't!
  • Bubba thinks it's OK to read Snoopy comics for his 20 minutes of reading homework
  • Splenda is way sweeter than sugar (how did I make it this long and not know this?!)
  • That you never outgrow needing your mommy
  • I'm not the only person with a clean laundry pile!!
  • Hubby's way isn't the wrong way...& my way isn't the only right way, either way it gets done :)
  • My family CAN live without fast food and be happy!!!
What have you learned this week? Be sure to link up so other readers can follow :)


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