Thursday, October 6, 2011

Changin' it up!!!

Hey!! So today has been another sick day...well yesterday was too but I took my mom to her appointment and we went to Olive Garden for lunch and then I had a meeting so Nick cooked dinner. So back to today...All day I've been dreading the cooking of dinner, which is usually all planned out when I get the kids breakfast or earlier. I decided on a great stand-by for sick mamas...Hamburger Helper (doesn't everyone always have a couple boxes on hand)?! Easy, peasy except for I only had steaks unthawed and they needed cooking. I decided to cut up the steaks and cook the meat (not quite all the way) and use that and OMGoodness!!! Our stroganoff coupled with green beans tasted so delicious tonight! I will totally be doing this again, everyone enjoyed it even though Hamburger Helper usually isn't eaten well in our home. So on a night when fast food was so appealing I was still able to whip up a delicious meal and it was super quick, easy and yummy! I totally recommend using cut up steak in hamburger helper to make it delicious and more filling (especially for those men folk)!!!

Now back to Olive Garden yesterday. It was so great to have time with my mom without kids, although sometimes it was quiet because we had no kids to entertain us!!! We enjoyed lunch more than we usually do though, and we always do the soup, salad & bread sticks along with an order of stuffed mushrooms. I will be on the lookout for some mock Olive Garden soups and trying them out for y'all and posting the recipes so we can all enjoy them together!

What are your fall backs when you're not feeling well?


PS~I have totally been craving a chicken sandwich from McDonalds all day and I will not give in!!!

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Anonymous said...

so far so good. U can do this... love the pic of ur laundry..guess that will keep u busy on ur sick keep up the good work

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