Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Food

Happy Halloween y'all!!! In honor of the spooktacular day I will post some spooky food ideas I have tried the past couple days with my family...quick and fast food free because we all know we're on the go all evening and don't want to have a lot of time to cook & eat.
A skeleton egg (I made these for breakfast this morning-huge hit-you could make pancakes and make a spider web on them with syrup-maple or chocolate!!)

A spooky cereal bar (how fun for a quick, yummy, easy dinner kids will eat?!)
Hot Dog Mummies (& Daddies hehe) (You could make these in advance and take them with you trick-or-treating even)
Brains (which is of course green food coloring added to your mac and cheese (we use shells-n-cheese)-serve with previously mentioned mummy dogs)

I hope these ideas help keep your Halloween exciting and delicious (well for the kiddos)! With the mummy dogs I used bratwurst for the adults...super yummy! Have a fabulous and safe Halloween!


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