Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy November!!

This morning we welcomed November into our house....complete with chilly air and pancakes!! We have finished our first month of being fast food free and have only had complaints from the guys in the family. I have made Swiss mushroom burgers, homemade fries, fried mushrooms, and a ton of other fast food type things to help FFF Hubby and Bubba not miss fast food as much. Our meals have been healthier and we have had more energy the last couple weeks. FFF Hubby is wanting to get some fast food today because he thought the deal was for a month...not forever!
I do know that fast food every now and then is a treat but I'm afraid once we start that path again it will go back to getting it often. I have enjoyed coming up with fresh, fun ideas for our family meals and even the extra planning it takes on my part hasn't been hard to fit in either.

As holidays approach I am looking forward to trying out some new recipes with you and doing more cook alongs! Hopefully I can do my first giveaway (just waiting for 50 followers)!! I have some fun ideas over the next couple months for us because I love the Christmas season! We'll do our own countdown to Christmas after Thanksgiving as well as our usual posts! I love all the food around this time of year so I always get a little of whatever I like so I'm not wanting it and then over eat later. This works well and I don't have to miss my favorites because I get a bit of them. Now that holidays are upon us go ahead and treat yourself to all the yummy-ness around you-after all there's so much and why should we suffer?

What is your favorite holiday treat? Share it with us in a comment! If you e-mail me the recipe I will feature it in a post, and maybe use it for a cook along!!


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