Thursday, November 3, 2011

Stop calling me...I won't give in!!!

Thursday is drawing to a close and it's been one crazy day! I took my mom to her surgery and left at zero dark thirty which is also known as 4:30am. I was exhausted still as Sassy Sis had a restless night...let's just say me and running on one hour of sleep doesn't mix! I woke up late and didn't even have time to make coffee, let alone the egg nog latte I had planned on making. It was a looooong drive...okay, okay only 40 minutes but I had zero coffee almost no sleep, mkay?!
I passed the exit and had to turn around...I like to blame it on the no coffee and sleep but my mom and I were having a really good maybe a combo of the 3! Either way each Starbucks and coffee shop we passed was calling my name, and menacingly at that!!! Even the one at the hospital! Don't they know I no longer need them? Maybe they forgot....either way they need a new memo! Mom's surgery went well and she is home resting, thank you! And I finally got a chance to make one two egg nog lattes. Yes, two...hey, it was a long day mkay?! And I think I'll have one more before the day is over!

PS~Remember FFF Mama loves comments and always comments back :)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

iam glad ur mom is doing good and i loved ur eggnog lattes

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