Monday, November 7, 2011


Hey, y'all!!!! It's been crazy the last few days and today I almost caved into McDonald's...but FFF Hubby held me back!!! The next few days will be hard as well and I will post as often as I can but just know I'm still here! I will do my monthly link up with Lazy Mom tomorrow so y'all can see the things I've been meaning to do.
Currently my husband and his cousin are cooking steaks and cheesy mashed potatoes! My stomach is rumbling and the kids are hungry and this beats out a fast food restaurant a bazillion times over! Hopefully when we do eat it again it will be a treat to celebrate something rather than an easy way out for mommy!How are you doing being fast food free? Were you tempted but passed it up or did you give in? Why does your family eat fast food?


PS~Remember FFF Mama loves comments!!!!

1 comment:

Smash :) said...

good for you guys for not caving :)

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