Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Crock-pot Chicken Alfredo???

On these busy fall days there is so much going on that often we don't get home until dinner time and that leaves no time to cook. Those kind of days made fast food more appealing...we could just swing through and grab something and come home and eat. But everyone knows fast food isn't as comforting or as yummy as a home made meal. I love my crock-pot on days that are crazy busy and will be learning a lot more recipes to use in it. This is the crock-pot we have:

It holds enough for all of us plus extra and it is red!!! I've made a ham in it as well as BBQ chicken and a few other things. My crock-pot recipes need to be expanded though so I will be finding some and trying them out so I can share them with you!! But today I will share one of my families favorite crock-pot meals! It's so good we never have leftovers and hubby asks for it a couple times a month! It's amazingly simple and so easy to throw together-actually you probably have everything you need right in your kitchen now (you need 2 ingredients and spices you like)!!! What in the world could be so simple and yummy you ask? Well let me tell you show you!!!

Yep!!! Frozen Chicken breasts and Bertolli Alfredo sauce!!! Throw them in the crock-pot on low all day or high for half! Add whatever seasonings you like and that's it! When you get home just make noodles, rice or mashed potatoes to put the Alfredo on, make some veggies or open a bagged salad and garlic bread (if you want) and voila...dinner! I told you it was easy! The chicken is so tender and juicy and it will easily fall apart!

It tastes yummier than it looks!!!

We have different noodles every time because Sassy Sis picks the noodles out at the store and then when we have anything with noodles for dinner she'll pick some out for me from the pantry. It gets her involved and makes dinners interesting. This is a great dinner for those pumpkin patch days! For the longest time hubby thought I spent hours slaving away on it and then he saw me make it...and now he will even throw it in the crock!

Try it out and let me know what you think!


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A little crunchy - Kimberly said...

I am happy to find you! Followed a link in MBC and then to a Tuesday blog hop and here I am. I your blog is a path I am interested in. Specially after watching food inc a few times! Follow button was not working for I used your e-mail one. Thank you for this recipe, my children love alfrado!


Fast Food Free Mama said...

Thanks Kimberly!!! It's great to have you along! I'll be following you too! Lots more recipes to follow :)

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