Saturday, January 28, 2012

Things I Learned This Week (Linky Edition)

It's the end of another week y'all so that means it's time to see what I've learned over the past 7 days! When you're done reading laughing be sure to add a link to your post so we can see what you've learned as well!

  • You can use your crock pot in the oven
  • If you're crockpot lid has a plastic handle it SHOULD NOT go into the oven-we now have a crock pot lid with no handle.
  • Melted crockpot handles are a fabulous thing to lil' girls! Sassy Sis now has a Red lumpy jewel!
  • I can do cute hairstyle on the girls without it taking a ton of time! Thanks goes to Princess Hairstyles!
  •  Moose is now picky about the candy and treats he eats and is not much into chocolate anymore...does that mean he's growing up?
  • When we plan an outing with friends we can bet on FFF hubby having to work so we end up canceling said outing :(
  • Plastic handled crock pot lids SHOULD NOT be placed in oven on crockpot!!! Oh-wait...I said that! You think I would've known!!! 
  • Even at the ripe ol' age of 31 I can have a blonde moment!!!
Like I said when you get done laughing be sure to link up! 


1 comment:

momto8 said...

I didn't know any of that crock pot stuff!! haha Now I am a lot smarter. thanks!

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