Saturday, January 21, 2012

Things I learned this week (Linky edition)

He y'all! It's time for another week to come to an end so that means you get to hear read all the boring fabulous things I've learned!! Feel free to link up to your own post about what you've learned this week so we can laugh at enjoy you're smartness too!!!
  • For some reason I just realized Moose is a tween!!! Really!? I can't believe I'm old enough to have one kiddo let alone a tween!!!!
  • I was informed what FaceTime is by said tween!!
  • Even though we are fast food free and I make lots from scratch I need to have other easy cooking food on hand for when the power goes out in the middle of a snow storm
  • You can be shot with a nail gun in the head-not feel it-and still survive!!! (Check it out!!)
  •  Vegas is more than a place to gamble!!!! Yes-I really thought it was just a place to gamble until we started planning our anniversary trip!
  • You can make Apple Butter in a crock pot!!! (Teacher by Day-Chef by Night)
What have you learned this week? Be sure and link up to your post so we can all check it out and follow you too! (Does that sound a bit stalker-ish? Yes? Well it's always fun to see what everyone learns over the week!)


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