Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Breakfast & Lunch

Happy Tuesday y'all! I can't believe February is knocking on our door already! January was a great month but went by entirely to fast! FFF hubby and I are well into our challenge and we are getting quite competitive! I started my workouts again with our Biggest Loser Game for the Wii and it is kicking my butt!!! How in the world I did so many push-ups in the Army is beyond me!!! Ok so I was younger and more in shape-but wowzers!!!

Aside from that I've been getting e-mails with questions from y'all and thought I'd answer one of the questions. One of them said "Okay, so we know what you do for dinner but what about the other meals?" Wonderful question!!! 

So breakfast 'round these parts are fairly simple because the FFF kiddos love cold cereal!!! So most the time it's a bowl of cereal and a piece of fresh fruit. The type of cereal really depends on the kid...Moose love Cinnamon Life, Frosted Flakes and Frosted Mini Wheats, while both girls go for the more kid friendly ones like Fruit Loops, Lucky Charms and anything chocolatey!!! I'm still amazed when Moose picks out his cereal!!! Aside from cereal for breakfast sometimes we'll do eggs and oatmeal or eggs and toast. But for the most part it's cold cereal and fruit that make my babies happy! And FFF Hubby and I usually have a Slimfast Shake and a piece of fruit these days. So breakfasts here aren't a huge hassle and are simple. Whatever makes them happy and gets them to eat I figure is a step in the right direction!

Lunch is a different story because I usually have 3 separate lunches to make these days. FFF Hubby takes his lunch to work as well as snacks and it's easier no than before since it's a Slimfast shake along with lots of fresh veggies and some rice cakes with water to drink most the day. I pack his the night before work. Moose takes his lunch to school so I pack it in the morning and usually it's a Velveeta Shells and cheese lunch thing, a piece of fruit, something to drink, a Gogurt,a cheese stick and something for dessert (pudding, etc) and I usually toss in a couple Hershey Kisses. Now for the girls it varies on what they are into...like I said for breakfast whatever makes them happy and gets them to eat. Lately we've been on a PB&J kick so I make sandwiches and cut the crusts off with a heart shaped cookie cutter, slice up a banana or a kiwi, add a Gogurt and then a glass of milk. Before we were on a Princess Spaghetti~o kick, and before that it was cheese quesadillas.  But I always add fresh fruit or veggies (the girls like carrots and ranch) to the all of our lunches. For myself it's a Slimfast shake and fresh veggies. I am all for simple, healthy meals for the kids and they can change it up whenever. I pack quite a bit in Moose's lunch because he is a growing boy and sometimes he eats it all and others he doesn't...but I'd rather him have too much in there as opposed to too little! For me the Slimfast is a great option for meals because I am NEVER hungry. So drinking those are better than not eating at all and for FF Hubby it is helping him to try to win our challenge

So there you have it...that's a quick summary of the norm for other meals around these parts! What do you do for breakfasts and lunches in your home?


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