Friday, January 20, 2012

Nacho Friday!!!

TGIF!!! Every week we have Nacho Friday, watch movies and play games! I look forward to it all week for different reasons than the rest of The FFF Family! It's a night with minimal cooking (just the sausage and heating the cheese) and anytime someone gets hungry throughout the evening they can have more! FFF Hubby usually helps by cutting tomatoes and tasting the cheese-something he must do or so he says every week! We have all the toppings and everyone can pick what they like and make their own...well except for Lil' Miss but she does tell us what she wants. It's a stress free evening full of fun and Moose's friends like to come over for nachos and fun! 

Now how did you start Nacho Friday you ask? It started with Moose telling me he wanted Nachos for dinner one him and I decided we'd have them on Friday when he had friends over. That Friday he said "we should do this every week" and you know what, we've been doing it most Fridays ever since!!! I was a bit worried about nachos being eaten for dinner, but we eat taco's for dinner now and then and nachos are basically tacos just in a different way! We stay up late and play board games, The Wii and watch movies...a fun way to end the school week!

What fun dinner's do you make that your family looks forward to?


PS~We're almost to 50 fans on our FaceBook Page! Remember when we get there it'll be time for our first giveaway! I have something exciting in store for y'all!


Stacey said...

What a fun idea! And what great memories you're making for your kids! :)

Loressa said...

That's it! Where do you live again! I love this idea AND nachos! Thanks so much for taking the time to link up today! Now following on GFC!
Have a wonderful day!

Fast Food Free Mama said...

Thanks, Ladies!!!

Loressa~I'm in SW Washington! You're welcome any Friday night to come join us :)

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