Friday, January 27, 2012

Stuff and Things

Hey y'all! I hope you are enjoying your Friday! As y'all know FFF Hubby and I are in a contest and so far so good! I'm back on track loosing weight and I'm going to win this!!! And y'all also know today is Nacho Friday in our house! I've been trying to figure out how to do this now that we're having 500 calorie dinners. I love my nachos and don't want to give them up and it's one of Moose's favorite dinners so here's the plan~the kids will have nachos and FFF hubby and I will enjoy eat a taco salad. Humph :( Of course I'm sure a nacho will somehow wind up in my mouth...seeing as how they're drawn to me by some unknown force! Kinda like those Hershey's Hugs last night...

We also have reached a milestone in the house that y'all should know about because you just need to know, mkay? We are now a crib-less home! Yes you heard read right we no longer are in need of a crib around here! Lil' Miss is in a toddler bed and doing fabulous! She just goes in and lays crying or getting up! Easy peasy!!! Had I known she'd do so well with the transition I would have done it sooner...okay, fine, I wouldn't have but let a gal be delusional!! 

I must tell y'all how amazed I am that you actually want to know what I have to say write! I tell Moose that he should listen to me and not do the "tune mom out" thing he does anytime I talk because there are lots of people who care what I have to say. To which he replies "yeah but you're not their mom!" But um, yep! Y'all are super amazing and we have reached our first goal of having 50+ likes on our FaceBook!!! So stay tuned because our first review and giveaway will start soon...okay Monday since y'all accomplished this right before the weekend and tomorrow you get to laugh at all the things I learned this week and Sundays are a relaxing day! So Monday I'll have the review and giveaway all ready for you. Y'all should know I've been planning this for Monday anyway because I'd figured we'd reach 50+ this weekend, but y'all are just that amazing! But Monday is soon!!! And what better way to start off a week than with a giveaway?!

Come back tomorrow to laugh at what I've learned and to link up your blog! Can't wait to see what you've learned!



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Stacey said...

Robin Miller has a recipe for nachos under 500 calories in her cookbook I'm giving away on my blog!!

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