Thursday, March 29, 2012


Tuesday was a fabulous day! It was a day spent with my sister-in-law, we shopped at craft stores, ate lunch and had the best smoothies EVER!!! Although I wish we wouldn't have had McDonalds for lunch...yes we ate fast food. It happens even to the best of us me, sometimes. My stomach was upset all night long and part of yesterday. So although I caved, I am now even more resolute to not eat fast food. Yuck!!

On another note we will be attending a wedding tomorrow night and will need to dress FFF Hubby and I will be getting dressed up and having fun sans kiddos tomorrow. We are looking forward to a fun evening with friends and no fast food! There is one problem though...What do you wear to an evening wedding? Seriously. FFF Hubby will be wearing slacks, button shirt and I wear a skirt, slacks, skinny jeans with a blouse and heels? Women have all these choices...Help me :) What should I wear?



Anonymous said...

Not jeans to a wedding. Definitely. Tea length dress (or skirt) or longer would be the most appropriate. Have fun!

Bijee said...

Funny, I had the same thing happen the other day when I gave in to my craving for burger king and that darn whooper. I cursed the burger world creepy king all night long.
As for the wedding, you can never go wrong with a cute comfy dress, dressed up with a blazer or cardigan that you can take off to be more cute and casual. Enjoy!

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