Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Trying New Things

Beef...it's what's for dinner! Well technically Carne Asada complete with homemade tortillas and homemade Mexican rice, but carne asada is beef! I'm trying another new recipe tonight. The carne asada recipe I'm going to make is a healthy, simple version. Although the tortilla and rice recipes are tried and true ones passed down to me from my mother in law. There is nothing better than a hot, fresh tortilla with some butter spread on it! Delicious! I I can't wait to review this and give you pictures! We love Mexican food around here. I always have to separate it before adding spices because I don't like spicy food but everyone else in our house, including Lil' Miss, enjoys it.

You notice the title of today's post is new thingS, right? So the carne asada recipe is only one thing. Just follow along, ok? This blog was something I wanted to do for along time but had to wait for the right topic to surface, because I didn't want it to be the same as all the other blogs out there. Well I've been wanting to start a boutique for sometime as well and finally got up the nerve to launch it! Crazy, right? But I love making the things that I have in there and everyone is always wanting to buy the stuff I make, so I finally did it!!! I even booked a booth for our local Mother's Day function in May!!! There's no going back now but I'd love for you to take a look and share your honest feedback with me!!! Auntie B's Boutique is a dream of mine that is now a reality! 

So that's what's new in my world. I can't wait to try the carne asada tonight! You will hear all about it tomorrow!!! What's for dinner in your neck of the woods?


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