Monday, March 26, 2012

Menu Planning

It's Monday and I am armed with a cup of coffee and a head full of ideas...better watch out!!! It's time to go grocery shopping again, ugh! It's not one of my favorite tasks to get done, but it is a very necessary one...much like doing the dishes and the laundry. One of the reasons it drives me crazy is because I go up and down every aisle and get what I think we'll need over the next two weeks and I often have to go back and get the other ingredients needed for our meals. To make the trip less crazy it's time to menu plan. 

So today I will plan our meals for the next two weeks and make a shopping list from that plan. Hopefully shopping won't be as crazy and if I go while Moose is in school and Lil' Miss is at Grammy's house then it should be a fairly stress-free trip!!! So I will make out a list for everyday for the next 2 weeks, write our activities for each day, the meals and snacks for each day and then finally the shopping list. In my quest for looking for a good template to follow I came across one over at What's For Dinner. Although I will be planning out the 3 meals for each day, not just dinner. 

Do you have a recipe you'd like me to feature on the blog and review in the next 2 weeks? Just send it via e-mail or leave a comment below. Have you ever menu planned? 


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smash :) said...

I menu plan for every grocery shopping trip.I have done it since Eli was brand new to make shopping easier and faster. :)

Amber said...

As a full time mom a task as simple as this seems impossible! I have a new schedule now, which makes things a bit easier. However no matter how much I plan its never as smooth as I need it to be. I guess that's the joy of being a working mom lol...or not! ;)

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