Monday, March 12, 2012

Oven Fried Chicken Review

It's Monday!!! OK so more like it's Monday...again. I'm not ready for another week, are you? This year is just flying by way to fast...seriously, it's almost mid March!? I did promise y'all a full review on the Oven Fried Chicken Recipe I shared with you on Thursday. Well Saturday we went up to my in-laws house and I made the chicken for them. So you even get more reviews than you usually get!!!! Aren't you just lucky?! Well of course you are, silly!!!! Also the picture is on my phone and I don't have cell service up here so I will be adding that later.

If you would like a reminder here is the Diabetic Friendly Oven Fried Chicken Recipe. I must admit I was skeptical once I started making it, but once you start it's silly to not finish! I followed the recipe exactly, except since I forgot to buy buttermilk I used the common substitution of 1TBS lemon juice and then used enough milk to make it one cup and let it sit 5 minutes before using it. We also made mashed potatoes and corn on the cob to finish off our 500 calorie dinner. Which (coincidentally) are the same sides you can order a a famous Fast Food Chicken place...but their dinner would be way over 500 calories!!!


FFF Mama: Delicious, although a little spicy for my taste (pepper is a bit spicy for me so I was the only one who thought this) Moist and delicious! 

FFF Hubby: He gave it an 8 out of 10, but can't think of what would have made it better.

Moose (9): Finished his whole plate and said he liked it....which for him is about as good as it gets :)

Sassy Sis (4): She said it was good and I should make it again.

Lil Miss (2): Ate a small piece of chicken...but she's not a big eater these days.

Brother in law: He wasn't going to eat with us and then had a taste of the chicken and decided to have dinner...he said it had good flavor.
Nephew (5): Said it was delicious chicken.

Father In all  Law: Had fish (it was already out and he had wanted it all day by the time we got up there).

Mother In Law: Baked fried chicken was so good. Moist chicken with a blast of flavor. No one would even know there was no salt added. It is a dish I would cook myself. And only 20 minutes baking time just what I need for my busy work week. (She wrote that review for y'all!) 

Are you excited to try the recipe? I know it will become a regular here!!! Healthy and delicious is a win win!!!! 


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Janelle said...

Sounds tasty! I'll have to try it out! Here from the Alexa Blog hop!

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