Saturday, February 18, 2012

Good News & Bad News

Happy Weekend!!!!! Today there's some good news and some bad news to share with you!!!! What? I didn't quite hear you...Oh! You want the bad news news first so you can leave the blog happy?! Okay!! I'll make a list of the bad and then I'll make a list of the good!

  1. Our trip to Vegas has been cancelled (see good #1).
  2. I had to cancel my lunch & nail appointment with my Mother-in-Law yesterday (See good #2).
  3. Tomorrow I get a pie in my face, I get to eat a jar of yucky baby food & sing and dance to "Father Abraham" while wearing a tutu (See good #3).
  1. FFF Hubby is now the proud co-owner of a trucking company!!!! Father-in-Law is retiring and has passed the company to him and his brother!!!
  2. See good #1 and we are rescheduling for a hair appointment since we both need to get a cut!
  3. The children at church exceeded all their goals for the last 5 weeks!
So FFF Hubby's Company was the exciting thing I was talking about earlier in the week!!! And yes, there will be pictures done tomorrow so stay tuned for Wordless Wednesday this week so you can commiserate laugh  along with me!!! I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!!! And don't forget, you have until tomorrow night to get your vote it for the "Caption It" contest!!!


PS-There's a spoiler on our FaceBook page about an awesome upcoming giveaway!!!


Jasmine said...

Those are good news :) for you and mil :)

Karren said...

Good news, You have a new follower lol Hi, I am stopping by from the Beauty Brite Hop, hope you would be able to visit and follow as well...Have an awesome weekend! Karren

Oh My Heartsie

Shopping Tips and Tricks said...

New follower from the Weekend Gathering Blog Hop! Would love a visit back as well!

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