Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Friday Five-Easter Style-

Since Easter weekend is upon us I thought it'd be a perfect time to make our Friday Five incorporate all things Easter. Well, let's go!

Fashion~Have you ever worn these?

Easter just isn't the same without donning a pair of bunny ears for the kiddos!

Food~Would you make either of these?

Yes, I will be making these this year!
Deep Fried Cadbury Egg-I'll pass!


Fill-In~ My favorite thing about Easter is____________________?




Smash :) said...

I wasn't aware that kids like vinegar for Easter ;) HAHAHA

Amber said...

I would totally make those cereal treat eggs! Those are too cute!

mary c said...

i have sadly worn them lol
ill pass on both treats
&& jesus is the true savior
hmmm i want that chicken now

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