Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Chic Bowtique Review & Giveaway

Most of you know that I'm getting pretty good at being a domestic goddess. (Just go along with my delusions, mkay?!) I've become quite the cook and I love crafting. I have one (okay maybe more) downfall to this domestic thing...bows are not my thing...I mean making them! I'm too much of a perfectionist and everything has to be exactly the same when it comes to making bows. (OK, in my head it does!) This poses a problem for someone with a small very large bow addiction. I love doing my girls' hair and adorning there 'dos with bows. Even my sisters and friends with girls know how I feel about bows because I always say "a girl shouldn't have naked hair" and carry around extra bows! So what's a gal to do if she can't make them? I have found the perfect solution!

Yep! A wonderful mommy business! Mary is a mommy of 4 kiddos, one boy and 3 girls! The youngest 2 are twins and are about to be one in April!!! She is amazingly talented and I have no idea where she finds the time to create these wonderful bows!!!! She can make any bow you need! I have asked her for special requests and she comes up with something beautiful every time! Take these two bows, for example!! One for the girls to wear when they visit Papa (father in law) and one for when they visit Grammy (my mom). 

Those bows are gorgeous, aren't they?! I order bows for every occasion all year long! I found out she offered a Bow Of The Month Club (BOTM) and I was in heaven!!!! She offers plans from simple to elaborate. I signed up for the 3 month twin/sisters plan to try it out!!! I have been amazed and will continue my membership! Each month the girls each receive an Over The Top (OTT) bow and a pair of clippies and Mary even includes a fun surprise for mom each month!!! As a member of  BOTM I also receive free shipping on all other orders placed!!! Her prices are amazing!! Super reasonable and she offers plans for every price range!!! Even one month plans for special holidays. Birthday months your diva will receive a custom birthday bow!!! Here's what my diva's received this month:

Look at how gorgeous those bows are!!!! I love that she makes them just different enough for each girl and that Lil' Miss' bows aren't as large as Sassy Sis' bows. The girls can't wait to get their package every month. And the bows go on right away!!

Can those girls look any more adorable?! Well of course...look at how happy those bows make them!

And when I asked them to show you which was their favorite this month here's what they showed you!

See how much fun a bow can be!? Both girls love to have their hair done and sit still for me to do it and then pick out their bows! Being a member of BOTM is easier on my my husband's wallet too! For those of you that know me, you know how much I love bows and this way my addiction gets satisfied and FFF Hubby is happy I'm not spending a small fortune!!! 

Sassy Sis loves to have pictures done and wanted you to see that one! You should also know Chic Bowtique offers lots of other products, from bow holders to tutus. What a talented lady Mary is!!! Since she is so amazing she would like to give one of you a 3 month BOTM trial membership!!!! Seriously!!! How fantastic is that?! One fabulous entrant will win one bow of the month, 2 clippies, a gift for mom and free shipping each month for 3 months!! If you are already a BOTM member she will add 3months to your membership. Just use the form below and the winner will be drawn in 2 weeks!!! You have lots of ways to earn extra entries and one mandatory entry!
 Warning! I do check and verify each and every entry. If you say you did something and you did not your entry will be void. I would hate for you to win and not be able to claim the wonderful prize!!!

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Good Luck & Many Blessings
 Becky AKA Domestic Goddess


Janice said...

I love the Easter hats they are adorable

Tina said...

PLEASE tell me the name of this bow person you speak of...I did not see it in the post I HAVE to have a Papa's girl bow...!

Fast Food Free Mama said...

Chic Bowtique...just click on her name in pink in the review or type it in on facebook! Isn't it to die for?!

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